17 January 2009

My kind of Pink...

Don't you love the background colour, its my kind of PINK!!!

I actually have my bedroom wall painted in this colour, way before i got this blog.

I love pink, the FELL PONIES are fellrunners who have their own vests, and pink is one of the colours, the day i have the fitness to run on the fells, i will be a proud owner of a pink vest!!!

Fellrunners are a different species of runners, i have every admiration for fellrunners, the strength and determination they have is second to none.

I fell onto this forum purely by accident, as i was seeing a guy called Des, who organises races, and i thought i go have a look at what actually fellrunning was, has i had never heard of it before.

And just before Christmas, time of the dreaded tonsilitus, i fell onto this forum, which i have to say, firstly accepted me, until, they realised i was not a fellrunner.

But 700 posts on, i feel they have accepted me, i am only a beginner, but you got to start somewhere...

And Pink, yes i do love pink...