17 January 2009

Decorating is exercise...Right?

This is now the 6th week of feeling unwell, first 2 weeks had flu symptoms, then it went onto sore throat, each time i went to the doctor, they said it was a virus, and no antibiotics could be given, so eventually on the 4th week i went to another doctor, who first took a swab test of my throat, two days later the doctors receptionist rings, to tell me i need antibiotics as i have septic tonsilitus, there i have been going to the doctors feeling like crap, and each time they fobbed me off and i had to go home with such a painful throat, so i take the antibiotics on the 4th week, great it clears, 5th week i go back into work, all this time i have to add was over Christmas, so i had used up my Christmas holidays being ill.

So this is the 6th week i am on a 2nd course of antibiotics and thrush medicine, because antibiotics are reknown to give you thrush!

Which means i have to not run this week, the week i was better i did run, love it, i got the urge now to run...

So as its the weekend and i am on my 2nd course, and i am not allowed to go out running, i decided if i wear the decorating white mask, i can do some emulsioning, because its exercise...yeah?


The walls are emulsioned with the base coat, yes 2 coats and still its a base, and now i have to stop painting the ceiling, as i have been using that paint thats pink but within the hour turns white, well i have a HUGE living room, and half way in its turned white, its now dark outside, and the lightening in here is utter crap, so i have to stop now, wash up and start again tomorrow when i have finished work.

I cannot wait to get some colour on the walls, feel like i just need a long sleeved jacket right now, with all these white walls and half ceiling painted.

Don't you just hate painting, it would have been so much more fun going for a run!!!

I have to do the gloss, but that has to wait till i have got rid of this throat infection, otherwise it will go worse with the fumes, i might possibly do the gloss in the spring, when i can open the windows, its too cold out there to open them.

Listening to...

My painting music playlist...

Bon Jovi - Never say goodbye
Guns n roses - Night Train
The Killers - Human
Semisonic - Secret Smile
LeAnne Rimes - Can't fight the moonlight
Shaggy - Oh Carolina

And the list goes on to really really sad crap, but peacefully enjoyable!!!

Anyone have any ideas on downloads for me, for painting music, email me!