08 June 2009

21st June 11am at Heaton Park

Well how can anyone do this R4L with no training and stomach pains, utter bloody madness if you had asked me a year ago, but i cannot train cos of the stomach pain, so i won't be running, i shall be walking, if you like to sponsor the nutter, then the link is below.


All support is most welcomed!

H.Pylori & Suspect Bleeding Ulcer!!!

Only 3 weeks ago, i was thinking 5 weeks to go for the Race for Life, and then i got ill, never felt pain like it, went to the doctors, had so many tests, on my wee, my poo, and even took my blood! and then i was given some news, you have a bacterium thats eating your stomach lining, its called Helicobacter pylori, which i guess explains how i have been feeling for a couple of years now.

You can read about it here http://www.helico.com/faq_symptoms.html

I was given a threble course of tablets which was 2 lots of antibiotics and 1 week of anti acid tablets, after the course had been taken, i ended up taking myself to A&E with heart pains, was kept in until my heartbeart went from 45 bph to a normal beat of 70.

Then 2 days later from the A&E trip, i went to my doctors, who said due to the results of the tests, you need to go into Hospital, a suspected bleed/inflammation. So off i went back to A&E within the hour i had a bed on a obs ward.

The pain is like a gnawing inside my stomach, but what upsets me the most is in 2 weeks i have put on 1 and half stone, because my stomach has extreme abdominal swelling.

I did all that training, dieted and was happy i had lost 18lbs and then i get ill, and all that weight goes back on, maybe not in fat, but its the weight that matters, and the bloated look really is embarassing!!!

I was out of the hospital by the weekend, no way was i going to stay there, when the sun was shining, the hottest weekend of the year and i was stuck in a ward with 7 women who was bored stupid!

Go to the doctor on the Monday, to be told she thinks i should not do the Race for Life, that i should put it off until September, errr no, i am doing that R4L, i might not be able to run now, but i am going to do it, i am going to walk it instead, i said all along there was no way i was going to be in the walking section of the R4L, but i guess if i want to do it, while i am in pain, then its going to be the walking!!!

The doctor's words were, keep away from walking out in the sticks, make sure you are closeby to a phone, if your ulcer is bleeding, then you could have a internal bleed, which could get worse by doing this R4L, she said you could feel fine one minute then very ill the next.

I do not want to fail, if i do not do this, then in my own mind i have failed, i know i could do this again next year, but i do not want to put this off until next year.

On the 15th June i go in Hospital for an Endoscopy, i am being sedated for this, after listening to all the horror stories about people having this done, even from big hard men, so i am going to be asleep for this, they are doing the Endoscopy to see if the H.Pylori is still there after the threble lot of tablets, to take biopsies, and to see if the ulcer is bleeding.

If its an all clear, then i have to have the camera up the bum!!! which i will definately be asleep for!!!