17 January 2009

Fat Girl Running...

Beginners diary...

I already have a runners diary online, which calculates how much i have ran, calories, and much more, but as i have stated my nickname is FAT GIRL RUNNING.

I am a fat girl, there is no shame in this, i have in the past been slim, once was size 8 in clothes, had a 22in waist, and thought i could eat as much as liked. But eventually it catches up on you, and having taken the pill at 22, by 26 the weight started piling on, i blame most of this on the pill i was taking, that tablet has now been discontinued, but its the reason my weight started piling on, its not the excuse for why i am fat now, there is no excuses for that, i am now obese, not a nice word, and no, i am not proud of being obese, i am only a size 16 in clothes, which in X amount of years i have doubled in size, again nothing to be proud of, but its a fact.

I have tried ALL the diets, every single one you can possibly think of, i have probably done, or contenplated on doing. I have lots of diet books, lots of healthy eating recipe books.

The lack of exercises i feel was the cause, because at the age of 26 i passed my driving test, i then had a car, i then stopped walking, i must have walked easily 20 miles a week, to and from work, or to and from college, so i guess, the car is to blame! still, thats the facts!

And after trying all the diets, and healthy eating, and walking to work, etc etc the one thing i have always wanted to do was run...

Always wanted to learn to run, but come on... FAT GIRLS DON'T RUN!

Well this FAT GIRL DOES! and its only been my 2nd week of running, but i feel trapped today, i want to go out and run round the block, but because of the tonsilitus and antibiotics etc, i have to rest, which is why i am about to emulsion my living room ceiling.

I have to do some kind of exercise, keep the muscles moving, otherwise the last 2 weeks would have been a waste.

My first run was with Andy, he is a personal trainer and also a friend. Because i have a disability, which has its disadvantages, i had to have my first run with Andy, as he can teach me the proper way of breathing, or the best exercises to do after my run, gives encouragement too.

So, my first run, couldn't even run 40 yards, the beginners running programme, states we have to in the first week, run, walk, run, walk.

So the first week is 3 runs of 4 mins fast walk, 1 min run, and this continues until its 30 mins of walk/run exercise.

The 2nd run, Andy told me i had run possibly 1/16th of a mile, and the rest walking, of which was 1 half miles.

The 3rd run was with a friend whose nickname is Pilgrim, he said i ran 1/2 a mile out of 2 miles, which is not bad on tonilitus. bad weather too, blumming crazy really, raining, windy, and freezing, is this really a clever idea, err no! not really under the circumstances.

But, FAT GIRLS got to start somewhere!!!

The training has to be stopped for one week, while i get rid of the tonsilitus.