09 March 2010

4 days in...

Well its my 4 days in of my 9 months to lose 31kg...bloody hell thats alot of love handles innit!

But, heres what i have been upto...

Saturday i did 45 minutes of circuits and yoga
Sunday i did 1 hour 30 mins of circuits, yoga and jogging on the spot
Monday i did hill reps and walked 1.8 miles
Tuesday i did hill reps x2 and walked 1.7 miles times 2, err what is that?
(1.7 x 2 = ?) no idea, so anyone have the answer please leave a comment, not good on adding up the miles!

For breakfasts i have been good, either a slimfast milkshake, or cereal in the mornings, Lunches, i have had either baked potato with a salad, or i have had ham salad sandwich, for Evening Tea, i have had baked potato with a homemade curry, no cream, i added skimmed milk instead, different but still very nice, i have put the rest of it in little bags in the freezer, and tonight i am having chicken and veg and boiled potatoes.

I also in between meals have had fruit, either a banana or a plum or a kiwi, i love fruit!

My problem is i hate rice and pasta, and i am allergic to mushrooms, so theres a limited amount of things i can have!

Will get weighed on Saturday morning...Will keep you posted!

Des Gibbons - Name and Shame!

I believe i am quite in my right to name and shame this man!

Des Gibbons from Glossop.

December 2008 i met this guy my online friend introduced me too, she said she had met him from a dating site thought he sounded nice, he said he was a fireman.

Well i fell for his charm, such a sweet talking guy, what i didn't know at the time was he was in some trouble and was going to court, but that was something i found out on New years eve, but, the softie i am, or shall i say the MUG i was!

I saw him in Manchester on the 19th December, he wasn't there when i went to meet him, like a loser i am, i waited for nearly an hour, and then when i did meet him, we sat in the beer tent just outside of the arndale, he looked uncomfortable, never realised he had actually been to his solicitors, he told me this much later, was the reason why he was late.

He told me his job had been suspended, and he had no money.

You can guess where this is going can't you!

I put on Windows XP onto his ex wife's computer, for free, took a bag of presents down for his kids so they did not go without.


Long story short, i LENT him £75 in January 2009 and he promised me that he pay me back, but as the weeks went by, and the calls he avoided to answer, he ignores my emails, and to add insult to injury he blocked me from his phone, deleted me from facebook, and still...


So if you know him, do not lend him money, do not do him any favours, do not treat him well, because he will abuse your good nature and take the piss!

And Des Gibbons if you are reading this post, do your name a favour and send me back my money! you can send it via paypal if you wish, but i never did you any harm, driven you around when you needed to goto places, and what did i get, i got the feeling that i can never trust another person again!

I even sent you a good luck card when you was going into court, and i even rung you on the day of the court case to see how you was, funny how none of your mates even acknowledged you on that day, and you promised me that day you would send back my money.



Yep all the exercising i have been doing, now i cannot sleep!

08 March 2010

Getting back to my running...

I have been reading about a woman in London who lose 6 stone in 6 months, and she was much heavier than i am now, so i have taken note of a few things she said, and have adapted them in my surmon to myself here today!!!

Well i decided to eat well, lose weight, and get fit, then i shall go back to running. Last year i had started well but then i got ill, i had been ill from May 2009 to Feb 2010, not 100% but i am getting close to it.

So how am I going to go about doing this? Good question. Not doing weightwatchers - been there, done that and it was self-helpy and excrutiatingly embarassing. Nor am I doing Atkins - yuk to bad breath and horrible cholesterol laden things, bleurgh.

Nope, I'm going to adopt a sensible eating approach, nothing faddy, and rely on good old fashioned self-discipline, self-control and will power to get me through. (Trouble is, they haven't worked so far! Maybe by committing myself in writing it'll give me the additional focus I need.)

My diet at the moment isn' t terrible, I'm not like one of these basket cases you see on those reality programmes, I don't binge on chocolate and, believe it or not I get my five fruit and veg a day, most days. However, portions are a problem, carbs are a problem.

Add to that the fact that I don't do enough exercise and you see the increase from my ideal weight to 5 stone heavier from 10 years, since my Mum died. In order to reverse this trend over the next 9 months I've come up with just a few specific rules which I'm planning to stick to.

Drinking loads of water, loads and loads. Keeping hydrated will avoid eating because I'm thirsty (very common problem).

No white bread, and a limited amount of brown bread, pasta, rice i hate so i have no trouble cutting them out, cos i just never eat them. One of my main weaknesses is crisps but so full of carbs.

No alcohol.

Something active every day. Walking to work some days, or going to the gym or going walking on the weekends. I have to raise my heart rate for a minimum of 20 minutes each day.

To use my Wii every day, even if its only for 20 minutes, i have some excellent exercises on the Biggest Loser wii game, and also the wii fit plus, and the other one the name escapes me. So i have the tools to get fit, i just got to gather up that willpower.

Last one, and this is the most important one. Learn NOT to eat eveything that is put in front of me. This is a throw back to when I was young and you had to clear your plate before you were allowed to leave the table. Time to control my portion sizes.

Right. Them's the rules and I'm the fool that has to stick to them. I'll try and check in at least every two days to give you an idea of what I'm eating and how its going... anyone else going to join me?

I will add later the reason why i am doing this, and it might even shock you to hear its because of the men that have been In my life, not doing this for a man, just i have met a few that have treated me like shit, and i think if i had been slim, i would get more respect. But i shall talk about that later...

28 December 2009

Swine Flu and Apple Sauce

Not quite over with, but getting over the worse, time someone told the truth about Swine flu, i have read the stories, and then i made sure i had enough flu medicines to last a small family a month, what i did not realise was to stock up on foods that's so plain, like bread, crackers.

I first started feeling ill on 21st Dec 2009 where i had a sore back, felt really achy, like i had hurt something, i had to go to a family party, the weather was appalling, the party room was on the second floor which was four flights up.

Then by Monday i went into work and felt really lethargic not sure what i did in work, i just was there, not sure if i even did anything because i cannot remember.

Tuesday i could not get out of bed, felt very rough. Had to call in sick.

Wednesday i took care of my neices little girl who was also very poorly, then i went into work at 1pm, felt okay i thought.

Thursday i couldn't goto work, never felt so bad, i was shivering, could not get warm, because the office has heating problems, i just thought no point going into work where its freezing when i cannot get warm, so i had to ring in work and then it had to be a sick day.

Thursday is when it all started.

It was like getting a ticket to Hell. Not quite come back from Hell yet, but trying hard to get out of it.

Snot, you have never seen so much snot, the key to Swine flu snot, is keep spitting it into a tissue, i have had a constant snotty nose, cough, and phlemn like nothing else.

At about 11pm i started inwardly shivering, my whole body was shaking, felt very cold, had heating on 25, put on two lots of thermal clothings, had two hot water bottles, got into bed under a high tog duvet, had fleece blanket over me, i was freezing! I lay there for possibly an hour and half and shook, then the fun started, it turned from shivers to a fever, it was so high, i thought my head was going to explode, so layers were taken off, and i was so hot, i was sweating, not pleasant, but my hair, my bed, clothes, drenched, inbetween this happening, i kept having to go to the loo, either walking to the kitchen or the bathroom, needed a drink every 20 mins, this went on until 6am, then the fever broke, it was Christmas Day! had not slept all night, probably walked a marathon to and fro from the kitchen, to bed, to the bathroom to bed, all night long, felt exhausted, drained.

Christmas Day!

All i wanted to do on Christmas Day was go to sleep. But large family, had to go to my sisters, told her i was ill, told her how last night was, and she said, the babies are ill also, so if we are going to get it, we would have got it, no point you being in the flat on your own on Christmas Day moping about, so i couldn't say no, although i thought it was madness, because i felt so very ill.

Tried my best on Christmas Day, felt very sick.

It came to sitting down for the gorgeous dinner my sister usually makes on Christmas Day, its official she is really one of the best cooks around, so i was gutted, it looked lovely, but i felt sick, i tried alittle of the potatoes, and that was it, i had to go lie down, said i was sorry i couldn't eat it, i could tell she was abit pissed off with me, everyone just looked at me, as if to say, your mad, because it looked really nice, everyone was enjoying it, i had to go lie down, so i went in the living room and lay on the settee. Every ounce of energy left me, i could hardly move.

Then it started again, i was freezing, my stomach felt like it was in a rage, i thought, no, try not to throw up, put everyone off their dinners, so i lay on the settee holding my stomach.

After everyone had eaten, baby started crying she had earache, once she was given some medicine, and was cuddled, traditions is we give out our presents after our dinner.

So everyone gave each other their presents, and opened them, and all the time i am thinking its time to go home. The problem was, it had been snowing for a week, it was icy outside, and i did not have the energy to get off the settee and walk to my flat.

My nephew very kindly driven me home, as soon as i got it, i had to get to the bathroom, where i threw up, all over my clothes, the bathroom covered.

I was throwing up all night, eventually got in bed, after about 6 hours sleep, i woke up, i had to go bathroom fast, i had violent pains in my stomach, and i had diahorea, that lasted about 3 hours, i could not get off the toilet, thank god to storing magazines in the bathroom, not what girls do i know, but a habit i picked up from the ex. The diahorea went on for possibly two days, inbetween throwing up, earache, headache, and pains in my stomach.

And the hacking cough, the cough that was bringing up blood, i have gone through one full box of man size tissues, 4 toilet rolls, 1 kitchen roll, 2 bottles of bleach.

And as for eating, i have been able to eat a piece of toast. And smells and tastes are ruined, i decided this year i was having a healthy Christmas, my fridge is full of fruit and veg, all healthy, but with Swine Flu, anything sweet knocked me sick, if i opened the fridge, all i could smell is sugar, sickly.

Was told to ring the nhs helpline, who asked me some questions, was told i had Swine Flu, was given a special code, which consists of letters and numbers, and told i could pick up my Tamiflu tablets at a particular place in my area, but the person being your flu friend would have to have your drivers licence, and they also would have to have prove they are who they say they are.

When i spoke to the woman on the helpline further, i told her i had recently had renal coliac, and she told me that it might be best i ride out the illness without taking the tablets.

So i decided to take her advice.

Last night, all i did was cough, throw up, and have the runs, i feel hungry, and fed up, bored and feel quite miserable that i have missed Christmas, i was looking forward to having fun with the kids, as its the babies first Christmas, looking forward to giving the presents to everyone, and most of all looking forward to Christmas dinner.

Today i feel tired, worn out, sick to the stomach, and still have the runs, but feel much better than i have felt in days.

I titled this post Swine Flu and Apple Sauce, because when i lay in bed, unable to move, i used my mobile phone to go onto the internet, and i found some strange posts about what to eat if you have Swine Flu, and one of them was to have apple sauce on toast, the actual thought of that is making me queasy, apple sauce is the last thing, especially as its what you serve with pork! some proper dickheads out there for sure.

Keep thinking i wish i had had the Swine Flu jab, i have had the Flu and Pneumonia jab, why did i listen to that bloody woman in the doctors reception, she was telling me how ill she felt when she had the Swine Flu Jab, and i thought forget that, i think i not bother, stupid move! if you get the chance to have the Swine Flu Jab, have it!

Learn from my stupid mistake, have that injection.

List of what got me through the last nasty few days are:

Asda Non Drowsy Decongestant with Paracetamols
Lemsip Chesty Cough medicine
Robinsons Lemon Barley cordial
Asda Man size balm tissues

What would have been good to buy i guess would be Tena Ladys! you need to think about that one!

My throat hurts, my stomach hurts, feel like my ribs are broke, And having the runs for two half days is also making it difficult to sit down, so yes i am getting better, wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy, even the arsehole who lives in the flat above me, i would not wish this onto.

And yes i have heard all the jokes, oink oink!

It has been a while since i added to this blog, after my last swine flu post above, i was still ill with swine flu, it lasted another 4 weeks before i could say it had gone, ended up getting an ambulance twice, because my airways had blocked during coughing, i was very unwell, swine flu is a horrible type of flu, i did lose 5lb probably due to sweat, or even the fact i could not swallow anything.

Again i would not wish Swine flu onto anyone, its a horrible illness if like me your immune system is down and needs to be healthy to handle this flu.

For the past 2 months i have been taking Innovace tablets, best tablets ever, to build up my immune stystem. I am feeling much better.

08 December 2009


Its been a while since i jotted down anything on my blog, it was only today my boss and i was talking about having a blogger, i thought i would add to it tonight.

Yesterday i saw Vickers hes the specialist for stomach etc, i have seen him three times since i came out of hospital, quite a handsome dude i thought, i am sure my contact lenses must have needed changing when i thought this, because yesterday when i saw him, he wasn't anything special, i think the special part was how caring he was while i was in hospital, he treated me like a person rather than a bed number, first time after i came out of hospital, i had seen him he did that horrible test where he gave me an injection that was suppose to make me sleep, and then put a tube and camera down my throat, but i woke up half way through the precedure, fighting for them to get off me. I remember it to well, people say they do not remember, but i remember it to vividly. Then because the results were only half done, i had to have a B meal, ha, not breakfast, a horrible chemical, also a radiation chemical, and then had to have a CTscan, not a pleasant way to spend an afternoon i can tell you that for nothing! I was very sick for three days later, thought my insides were going to explode, and throwing up ewww yuk.

Yesterday was the day i got the results for the CTscan. Not the news i wanted to hear, i am now being referred onto TWO more specialists, in two different fields, what is worse than seeing all these specialists is, i am still in pain, i am in constant pain across the lower part of my stomach. The other specialists, i will explain about those ones when it happens, its not something i can talk about at the moment.

Tomorrow i am seeing a Kidney specialist, i think that one is called a Urologist, because three weeks ago, i had the pleasure NOT, to have 4 kidney stones, and renal colic is like nothing else, the first kidney stone that came out was 10mm long, and 2mm wide, i have it in a jar, i also have photos of it, shall upload another time. The other 3 are tiny, more like grains of sand, but all the same very painful, its been one week and no more kidney stones or renal pain, thank god, with the stomach pain i don't need anymore pain. I think tomorrow i have to have more tests, the secretary mentioned CTscan but i told them to look at the results of Vickers, because i really do not want to experience that again, if it can be helped.

And the next specialist is on the 23rd of December, that one is Rheumotologist, not sure how that is spelt nor do i have the time to check it, but, i am seeing that one because i have swellings behind my knees and painful water retention in my legs.

All in all its pretty depressing, but i am trying to keep positive, at least they know its not gallstones, and they know i am not pregnant HAHA! like i could be, but its ruled out!

I was doing so well before May 2009 i was losing weight, going for jogs, exercising, and really enjoying that feeling you get when your running on your own and freedom, i loved it, its the feeling i am holding on too.

I have to get that feeling back, so i am hoping light exercises might help, if i build up slowly, i know i cannot run at the moment, i can hardly walk, but if i do light core exercises, then its a start right?...

I am treating myself at Christmas, going to buy myself something i have wanted for 3 years, so maybe it will help.

I cannot tell you what it is, its a surprise LOL!

Well hope to post again soon, maybe i will tomorrow, although i do not want my blog all about the specialists, i want to get back to the thrill of running, i wasn't very good at it, but in 3 months i had lost 18lbs, so it was slow, but i was getting there. Sadly i have put it back on, been dieting with the help of the nurse at the doctors. I will know if i have done well on the 14th December when i get my monthly weigh in.

Anyhow night night xx

08 June 2009

21st June 11am at Heaton Park

Well how can anyone do this R4L with no training and stomach pains, utter bloody madness if you had asked me a year ago, but i cannot train cos of the stomach pain, so i won't be running, i shall be walking, if you like to sponsor the nutter, then the link is below.


All support is most welcomed!