17 January 2009

I love my Job...

There is not many people who can say they love their jobs...

I have worked in alot of jobs where i have hated the place, hated the bosses, hated the thought of being nice to people i really could not stand the sight of!

But 8 months ago, i applied for this job i have now, and it was a struggle first, not i guess of the job, but for many other reasons which will come apparent eventually on this blog, but what i fought with most was my own self-esteem, my own self-belief.

After going back to work after the Christmas holidays, i really enjoyed last week, the girls in the office we share are all very nice. In 8 months i have never heard any of them argue with each other, which for an office of all women i would say thats an achievement.

I have two bosses who are really nice people. One is my boss who is on the same wavelength as me, both Leo's, both from large families, both similiar ages. At first in the job, i thought i never get along with her, because she is super intelligent, and the only degree i have is in life experiences! but we do get on well.

Her desk! it has to be said, she is the No.1 post it queen, she has more notes than the whole of blogger site has on its blogs, and piles of organised piles (clutter or mess), but as i am in the administration role i try to do the work, file it, and my desk is tidy.

Her desk, she knows, she says "My desk is in the process of being tidied, its all organised piles".

My boss also has senior moments, which i have to say rub off, luckily when i have lists of work from her i save them in a folder, so if she cannot remember something its filed away.

I am still alittle apprehensive of talking on the telephone, especially when i have to say... Goodmorning, this is X speaking, and then i have to give the LONG title of where we work, which is a word i cannot pronounce, so i know i say it wrong every single time! HAHA!!!

And there i thought excel would throw me more! But i really do love my job!