08 December 2009


Its been a while since i jotted down anything on my blog, it was only today my boss and i was talking about having a blogger, i thought i would add to it tonight.

Yesterday i saw Vickers hes the specialist for stomach etc, i have seen him three times since i came out of hospital, quite a handsome dude i thought, i am sure my contact lenses must have needed changing when i thought this, because yesterday when i saw him, he wasn't anything special, i think the special part was how caring he was while i was in hospital, he treated me like a person rather than a bed number, first time after i came out of hospital, i had seen him he did that horrible test where he gave me an injection that was suppose to make me sleep, and then put a tube and camera down my throat, but i woke up half way through the precedure, fighting for them to get off me. I remember it to well, people say they do not remember, but i remember it to vividly. Then because the results were only half done, i had to have a B meal, ha, not breakfast, a horrible chemical, also a radiation chemical, and then had to have a CTscan, not a pleasant way to spend an afternoon i can tell you that for nothing! I was very sick for three days later, thought my insides were going to explode, and throwing up ewww yuk.

Yesterday was the day i got the results for the CTscan. Not the news i wanted to hear, i am now being referred onto TWO more specialists, in two different fields, what is worse than seeing all these specialists is, i am still in pain, i am in constant pain across the lower part of my stomach. The other specialists, i will explain about those ones when it happens, its not something i can talk about at the moment.

Tomorrow i am seeing a Kidney specialist, i think that one is called a Urologist, because three weeks ago, i had the pleasure NOT, to have 4 kidney stones, and renal colic is like nothing else, the first kidney stone that came out was 10mm long, and 2mm wide, i have it in a jar, i also have photos of it, shall upload another time. The other 3 are tiny, more like grains of sand, but all the same very painful, its been one week and no more kidney stones or renal pain, thank god, with the stomach pain i don't need anymore pain. I think tomorrow i have to have more tests, the secretary mentioned CTscan but i told them to look at the results of Vickers, because i really do not want to experience that again, if it can be helped.

And the next specialist is on the 23rd of December, that one is Rheumotologist, not sure how that is spelt nor do i have the time to check it, but, i am seeing that one because i have swellings behind my knees and painful water retention in my legs.

All in all its pretty depressing, but i am trying to keep positive, at least they know its not gallstones, and they know i am not pregnant HAHA! like i could be, but its ruled out!

I was doing so well before May 2009 i was losing weight, going for jogs, exercising, and really enjoying that feeling you get when your running on your own and freedom, i loved it, its the feeling i am holding on too.

I have to get that feeling back, so i am hoping light exercises might help, if i build up slowly, i know i cannot run at the moment, i can hardly walk, but if i do light core exercises, then its a start right?...

I am treating myself at Christmas, going to buy myself something i have wanted for 3 years, so maybe it will help.

I cannot tell you what it is, its a surprise LOL!

Well hope to post again soon, maybe i will tomorrow, although i do not want my blog all about the specialists, i want to get back to the thrill of running, i wasn't very good at it, but in 3 months i had lost 18lbs, so it was slow, but i was getting there. Sadly i have put it back on, been dieting with the help of the nurse at the doctors. I will know if i have done well on the 14th December when i get my monthly weigh in.

Anyhow night night xx