09 March 2010

Des Gibbons - Name and Shame!

I believe i am quite in my right to name and shame this man!

Des Gibbons from Glossop.

December 2008 i met this guy my online friend introduced me too, she said she had met him from a dating site thought he sounded nice, he said he was a fireman.

Well i fell for his charm, such a sweet talking guy, what i didn't know at the time was he was in some trouble and was going to court, but that was something i found out on New years eve, but, the softie i am, or shall i say the MUG i was!

I saw him in Manchester on the 19th December, he wasn't there when i went to meet him, like a loser i am, i waited for nearly an hour, and then when i did meet him, we sat in the beer tent just outside of the arndale, he looked uncomfortable, never realised he had actually been to his solicitors, he told me this much later, was the reason why he was late.

He told me his job had been suspended, and he had no money.

You can guess where this is going can't you!

I put on Windows XP onto his ex wife's computer, for free, took a bag of presents down for his kids so they did not go without.


Long story short, i LENT him £75 in January 2009 and he promised me that he pay me back, but as the weeks went by, and the calls he avoided to answer, he ignores my emails, and to add insult to injury he blocked me from his phone, deleted me from facebook, and still...


So if you know him, do not lend him money, do not do him any favours, do not treat him well, because he will abuse your good nature and take the piss!

And Des Gibbons if you are reading this post, do your name a favour and send me back my money! you can send it via paypal if you wish, but i never did you any harm, driven you around when you needed to goto places, and what did i get, i got the feeling that i can never trust another person again!

I even sent you a good luck card when you was going into court, and i even rung you on the day of the court case to see how you was, funny how none of your mates even acknowledged you on that day, and you promised me that day you would send back my money.