09 March 2010

4 days in...

Well its my 4 days in of my 9 months to lose 31kg...bloody hell thats alot of love handles innit!

But, heres what i have been upto...

Saturday i did 45 minutes of circuits and yoga
Sunday i did 1 hour 30 mins of circuits, yoga and jogging on the spot
Monday i did hill reps and walked 1.8 miles
Tuesday i did hill reps x2 and walked 1.7 miles times 2, err what is that?
(1.7 x 2 = ?) no idea, so anyone have the answer please leave a comment, not good on adding up the miles!

For breakfasts i have been good, either a slimfast milkshake, or cereal in the mornings, Lunches, i have had either baked potato with a salad, or i have had ham salad sandwich, for Evening Tea, i have had baked potato with a homemade curry, no cream, i added skimmed milk instead, different but still very nice, i have put the rest of it in little bags in the freezer, and tonight i am having chicken and veg and boiled potatoes.

I also in between meals have had fruit, either a banana or a plum or a kiwi, i love fruit!

My problem is i hate rice and pasta, and i am allergic to mushrooms, so theres a limited amount of things i can have!

Will get weighed on Saturday morning...Will keep you posted!